Peace Beyond Words Music CD by Paul Baker

Peace Beyond Words is Paul Baker's first CD of music inspired by The Daily Motivator. The 15 original instrumental selections on this CD were all specially composed to accompany the visual presentations on The Daily Motivator website. If you've viewed the Right Now or The Wonder of It All presentations on the site, you've heard a couple of the songs on this CD.

The compositions, which were originally formatted for use online as computer files, have be re-performed and re-mastered by the composer to deliver the full richness and fidelity you would expect from a quality audio CD.

You'll find that the music on this and the other CDs by Paul Baker will bring calm, positive energy to whatever you're doing. It can be a great accompaniment while working, reading, driving, dining, or during times of prayer, meditation and contemplation. Many listeners have found that the music helps them to maintain focus and stimulates creativity without being distracting. We've also heard from customers who say the music calms their babies and young children and helps them go to sleep.

You can now listen to SAMPLE CLIPS from ALL of the songs on all three of Paul Baker's CDs. So if there's a particular song you've heard, you can make sure it is on the CD you order (of course you're welcome to order all three CDs as well!) Listen to some of the SAMPLE CLIPS to hear for yourself the quality and richness of the music, and to feel the positive energy that it can bring to you.

Other CDs by Paul Baker:
Journey of the Spirit
Reflections of Serenity

All three CDs, the original Peace Beyond Words, Relfections of Serenity, and the new Journey of the Spirit, are now in stock and available for immediate shipment. You can also download them from iTunes.

Don't forget - These CDs also make a great gifts!

PLEASE NOTE: These are music CDs which can be played in your car CD player, your personal CD player, your home audio system, boom box, etc. They do not contain any computer software or picture presentations, and do not contain any vocals or readings of Daily Motivator messages.

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